Transmission and New Technologies in HV

Innovative Approaches to Pelanifcaton, Dynamic Protection and Control, Synchro-phasors and its application, HVDC and Flexible AC Transmission,

Energy Storage and Optimization

Resilient System Design, New Storage Systems, Echonomic Incentives, Hidrogen

Renewable Energies and the Environment

Climate Change Impact to T&D, De-carbonization,

Electric Mobility and its impact on the grid

Electrical Vehicles, Infrastructure for Charging,

Modern Distribution Technologies

Advanced Distribution Management systems,

Smart and Micro-grids

Converged Infrastructures, Smart Cities, Smart Homes and Buildings, Operating the advanced grid,

Communications and Cybersecurity

Advanced Communications Systems, Big Data Analytics for T&D applications, IOT, Blockchains,

Instrumentation and Measurements in the Electric System

Energy Measurements, Power Measurements, Transformers, Sensor Data Quality

Distributed Resources, Energy Markets and Customer Engagement

DER Integration, Transactive Energy systems, Experiences in Customer engagement, Smart Meters, Advanced Metering

New methods in Operation and Management

Asset Health Evaluation and preventive maintenance, Storm and disaster Response, Operating the advanced grid, Education and Workforce development, Robotics for Utility Applications