1570628888 ORAL (Virtual) Integrated Analysis of Electrical and Gas Transmission Networks Considering Primary Frequency Control
1570632800 ORAL (Virtual) Power Quality Study of Fixed Capacitor Selection for Rotary 1Ph-3Ph Converters in Rural Facilities
1570641600 ORAL (Virtual) Stochastic Assessment and Risk Management of Transient Stability Based on PowerFactory and Python Interface
1570643183 ORAL (Virtual) Distribution Network Voltage Controller in Presence of Lost Measurements
1570645600 ORAL (Virtual) Analysis of Gibara 1 Wind Farm from 2015 to 2019
1570645798 ORAL (Virtual) Protection Relay for Secondary Ferroresonance Suppression in Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers
1570646602 ORAL (Virtual) Design of Demand Response Programs: Customer Preferences Experiences in Colombia
1570647251 ORAL (Virtual) Recloser - Fuse Coordination on Rural Feeders Having Distributed Generation by Using Specific Energy
1570647817 ORAL (Virtual) Quantification of the Impact of GHG Emissions on Unit Commitment in Microgrids
1570648521 ORAL (Virtual) Real-time Health Condition Monitoring of SCADA Infrastructure of Power Transmission Systems Control Centers
1570650140 ORAL (Virtual) Stochastic Analysis of Hosting Capacity in Low-Voltage Networks with PV-plus-Storage Systems
1570650159 ORAL (Virtual) Distributed Parametric Identification of Low Frequency Oscillatory Modes in Multiple PMU
1570650179 ORAL (Virtual) Unified Power Quality Index Method Using AHP for Consumers Sensitivity Evaluation
1570650522 ORAL (Virtual) Comparing Chi-square-Based Bad Data Detection Algorithms for Distribution System State Estimation
1570650829 ORAL (Virtual) A New Approach for Directional Overcurrent Relays Coordination in Interconnected Power Systems
1570650871 ORAL (Virtual) A REFLEX Algebraic Reserve Constraint Model
1570650929 ORAL (Virtual) On Evaluating Single-Phase Tripping on Distribution Networks
1570650979 ORAL (Virtual) Current Transformer Modeling for Electromagnetic Transient Simulation in Protection Systems
1570651233 ORAL (Virtual) Analysis of Consumer-Centric Market Models in the Brazilian Context
1570651255 ORAL (Virtual) Optimal Demand Side Management for the Sparse Scheduling of Smart Charge of EVs
1570651313 ORAL (Virtual) Mixture Density Networks Applied to Wind and Photovoltaic Power Generation Forecast
1570651325 ORAL (Virtual) Optimal Placement of Aggregators in Distribution Networks Using ZigBee Wireless Communication Technology
1570651345 ORAL (Virtual) Planning of Generation Investments with Risks of Severe Infrequent Events
1570651349 ORAL (Virtual) Analysis of Decentralized Control Techniques for Multigenerator Microgrid Islanded Operation with Traditional Controllers
1570651356 ORAL (Virtual) Practical PV Hosting Capacity Determination Using Load Factor of the Distribution Transformer
1570651374 ORAL (Virtual) Probabilistic Analysis Based on Steady-state Voltage Level Compliance Indicators for LV Distribution Networks with High PV and EV Penetration
1570651386 ORAL (Virtual) Forecasting Hourly Electricity Demand of Uruguay for the Next Day Using Artificial Neural Networks
1570651436 ORAL (Virtual) Application of Hardening Strategies and DG Placement to Improve Distribution Network Resilience Against Earthquakes
1570651620 ORAL (Virtual) Linear Model for Dynamic Studies of Power System Frequency
1570651662 ORAL (Virtual) Towards a Colombian Power System Fully Supervised with PMU: Scalability Test of the iSAACnet Communications Network
1570633828 POSTER (Virtual) Co-optimization in the Operation of Hydroelectric and Solar Generation in the Province of San Juan: Methodology
1570636316 POSTER (Virtual) Impacts of Photovoltaic Insertion on Distribution Losses in the Amazon
1570636630 POSTER (Virtual) Distribution System State Estimation: A Primer for Application Based Research
1570637689 POSTER (Virtual) Study of the Effect of SCR and Controller Gains on System Stability in a Grid Connected Solar Plant
1570639082 POSTER (Virtual) Fuzzy Logic-Based Controller for BESS and Load Management in a Microgrid Economic Operation
1570639686 POSTER (Virtual) Stability Effects After Massive Integration of Renewable Energy Sources on Extra-Large Power Systems
1570640039 POSTER (Virtual) Simplified Analytic Procedure to Calculate the Electric Variables at Steady State of Type-III and Type-IV Wind Generators
1570640337 POSTER (Virtual) Fault Behavior of Power Distribution Networks with Distributed Generation and Uncertainties
1570640659 POSTER (Virtual) Application of Energy Storage in Systems with High Penetration of Intermittent Renewables
1570640776 POSTER (Virtual) Assessment of the Technical Loss Calculation Method Used in Brazilian Distribution Systems
1570640801 POSTER (Virtual) Security-Constrained Energy Management System for Microgrids Under Uncertainty
1570642029 POSTER (Virtual) Faster-than-Real-Time Simulation of a Large Brazilian AC/DC Grid to Analyze Electromagnetic & Electromechanical Transients as Well as Commutation Failures
1570644347 POSTER (Virtual) Computing Transient Voltages on Grounding Grids Buried in Homogeneous and Stratified Soils
1570644385 POSTER (Virtual) Cybersecurity for Smart Substation
1570644534 POSTER (Virtual) Pumped Storage Case Study in Uruguay: Simulation and Value
1570644969 POSTER (Virtual) Analysis of an Industrial-Residential Off-Grid Electrical System Supplied with a Mix of Thermal Renewable and Battery in the Northeast of Haiti
1570645382 POSTER (Virtual) Avaliação Probabilística Dos Impactos Técnicos Da Inserção De Microgeradores Fotovoltaicos e Veículos Elétricos Em Uma Rede De Distribuição
1570645623 POSTER (Virtual) Resilient Microgrids with FACTS Technology
1570645792 POSTER (Virtual) Enabling Communications in Microgrids: A Comparison of Fiber-Optics, LoRa and WI-SUN
1570645962 POSTER (Virtual) Towards a Coupled Regulation and Flexible Ramp Product Marginal Pricing
1570646150 POSTER (Virtual) Linear Fresnel Concentrator: A Review of Its Implementation in South American Countries
1570646398 POSTER (Virtual) Multi-Level Optimization Model for Electrical Energy Demand with User-Supplier Interaction
1570646536 POSTER (Virtual) Correlation Between Insulation Resistance and Dissolved Gas Analysis Tests in Power Transformers
1570646547 POSTER (Virtual) Analysis of Battery Energy Storage System Sizing in Isolated PV Systems Considering a Novel Methodology and Panel Manufacturers Recommended Methodology
1570646557 POSTER (Virtual) Assessement of LVRT Requirements and Dynamic Behavior of a Mixed PMSG/DFIG Wind Power Plant
1570646561 POSTER (Virtual) Impacts of Photovoltaic Systems in Distribution Networks Using Droop Control
1570646572 POSTER (Virtual) Battery System Service to Reduce PV-Farm Operating Costs
1570646573 POSTER (Virtual) Optimal Sizing of Distributed Photovoltaic Generation in a MV Network
1570646754 POSTER (Virtual) A Customer Journey Mapping Approach to Improve CPFL Energia Fraud Detection Predictive Models
1570646781 POSTER (Virtual) Transitórios Eletromecânicos Em Sistemas Elétricos Com Forte Geração Fotovoltaica e STATCOMs Para Suporte De Resposta Inercial
1570646795 POSTER (Virtual) The Impact of Equalization Cycle on the Storage System Lifetime in PV-based Isolated Microgrids
1570646797 POSTER (Virtual) Customer Buses Ranking for Battery Energy Storage System Installation Through Pairwise Analyses: a Study of Case
1570646803 POSTER (Virtual) Influence of HVDC Systems Operation on the Out of Step Protection of Synchronous Generators
1570646806 POSTER (Virtual) Reproduction of a High Impedance Double Line-To-Ground Fault Using Real Oscillography Data
1570646839 POSTER (Virtual) Short-term Electric Load Forecasting Using Neural Networks: A Comparative Study
1570646974 POSTER (Virtual) Disaggregation of Cold Appliance Loads from Smart Meter Data Processing
1570647161 POSTER (Virtual) Power Quality Meters Allocation Considering Strategic Positions in Distribution Systems and Using Genetic Algorithms
1570647190 POSTER (Virtual) New Adaptive Protection Algorithm for Online Overcurrent Relay Setting in Interconnected Power Systems
1570647222 POSTER (Virtual) A Load Prioritization Model for a Microgrid Operation in the Islanded Mode
1570647267 POSTER (Virtual) Off-grid System for Rural Connections in Goias (Brazil): Linear Optimization Model and Pilot Project Presentation
1570647268 POSTER (Virtual) Necessary Characteristics of a Modern Fuse for a Smart Grid, with Distributed Generation
1570647680 POSTER (Virtual) Impact of Demand Response on Generation Expansion Planning in the Brazilian Interconnected Power System
1570647893 POSTER (Virtual) Methodology to Economic Evaluation of an Electric Vehicle Parking Lot Equipped with PV and Storage
1570648091 POSTER (Virtual) Propagation of Supraharmonics Generated by PMSG Wind Power Plants into Transmission Systems
1570648102 POSTER (Virtual) Power Reserve Dispatch to Mitigate Variability of Generation Output Due to Wind Ramps
1570648129 POSTER (Virtual) Dissolved-Gas Analysis for Nitrogen-Blanketed Transformers
1570648213 POSTER (Virtual) Islanding Detection and Resynchronization Based upon Wide-Area Monitoring and Situational Awareness in the Dominican Republic
1570648661 POSTER (Virtual) Evaluation of Power System Resilience Improvements in Low-Income Neighborhoods
1570648797 POSTER (Virtual) Review of Deep Learning Application for Short-Term Household Load Forecasting
1570649500 POSTER (Virtual) Greenhouse Gas Reduction Through the Introduction of Electric Vehicles in Urban Zones
1570649533 POSTER (Virtual) Assessment of Harmonic Distortion Associated with PV Penetration in a Low Voltage Distribution Network
1570649538 POSTER (Virtual) Potential Induced Degradation (PID): Review
1570649788 POSTER (Virtual) Short Review of the Evaluation Impacts of the Implementation of Wind Power Plants in the Interconnected Electric Systems
1570649809 POSTER (Virtual) Impact of Electric Vehicles Penetration in the Interconnected Urban Environment of a Smart Cities
1570649887 POSTER (Virtual) Impact of Electrodes Configuration on Incident Energy Analysis Using IEEE Std 1584
1570649957 POSTER (Virtual) Structures in Power Lines and Ice Overload on Cables
1570650060 POSTER (Virtual) Assessment of the Energy Sector and Renewable Energies Mitigating Climate Change
1570650068 POSTER (Virtual) Towards Distribution Feeders Frequency Response via Solid State Transformers
1570650173 POSTER (Virtual) Use of DC/DC Converters Modeled as AC-DC Converters in HVDC Grids
1570650177 POSTER (Virtual) Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Potential of Northwest Mesoregion of the State of Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil
1570650180 POSTER (Virtual) Probabilistic Optimal Power Flow Using a Matheuristic Solution Approach
1570650204 POSTER (Virtual) Design Characteristics of a Microgrid Controller for an Uninterruptible Power Supply with a Photovoltaic Generator
1570650233 POSTER (Virtual) Busbar Differential Protection Using an Alternative Generalized Alpha Plane
1570650290 POSTER (Virtual) Modern Energy Consumers Representation Perspectives in the Energy Sector
1570650348 POSTER (Virtual) Optimal Allocation of Distributed Generation and Reactive Power in Simplified Distribution Systems
1570650459 POSTER (Virtual) Transport Route Planning for Operation and Maintenance of Off-grid Photovoltaic Energy Systems in the Pantanal of Mato Grosso Do Sul
1570650463 POSTER (Virtual) Modeling Limitations on Wind Turbines Synthetic Inertia
1570650509 POSTER (Virtual) Estimating National End-Use Demand Curves Through Sub-measurements and Energy Surveys
1570650520 POSTER (Virtual) Smart Charging Solution to Mitigate Electric Vehicles Recharge Demand Impacts on the Electric Grid
1570650527 POSTER (Virtual) Rogowski Coil Design for the Measurement of High Voltage Harmonics
1570650585 POSTER (Virtual) Accuracy Analysis of Pvsyst Software for Estimating the Generation of a Photovoltaic System at the Polo De Inovação Campos Dos Goytacazes
1570650588 POSTER (Virtual) Ranking of Priorities for the Management of Distribution Transformers: a Multicriterial Approach
1570650769 POSTER (Virtual) Uncertainty Estimation in Luminous Flux Measured with Goniophotometers Using Monte Carlo Method
1570650778 POSTER (Virtual) Bat and Grey Wolf Techniques Applied to the Optimization of the Inverse Time Overcurrent Relays Coordination Problem
1570650805 POSTER (Virtual) Optimized Voltage and Reactive Power Control in the Context of Advanced Distribution Automation
1570650810 POSTER (Virtual) Optimal Sizing of a PV-BESS Grid-Connected Microgrid in Southern Region of Brazil
1570650814 POSTER (Virtual) Analyzing Short-Circuit Current Behavior Caused by Inverter-Interfaced Renewable Energy Sources. Effects on Distance Protection
1570650815 POSTER (Virtual) Excedentes Estructurales En Sistemas Con Alta Incorporación De Energías Renovables
1570650842 POSTER (Virtual) Alternativas De Expansión Del Parque De Generación Eléctrica En Uruguay Según Diferentes Modelos
1570650843 POSTER (Virtual) Early Detection of Gearbox Damage, Development of ANN Forecast Maintenance Tool
1570650893 POSTER (Virtual) An Approach to Advanced Distribution Automation in the Context of Smart Grid
1570650951 POSTER (Virtual) Quadratic Approximate Dynamic Programming for Scheduling Water Resources: a Case Study
1570650988 POSTER (Virtual) Potential Benefits of Implementing Ambient Adjusted Rating in the Argentinean Transmission System
1570650993 POSTER (Virtual) A Technical Economical and Regulatory Analysis of Storage Systems Incorporation in the Uruguayan Electricity Market
1570651013 POSTER (Virtual) Fault Location in HVDC Grids by ANN and Wavelet Transform
1570651024 POSTER (Virtual) Optimal Allocation of PMU and PDC in Electrical Power Systems
1570651068 POSTER (Virtual) Power Transformers Assessment Applying Health Index and Apparent Age Methods
1570651092 POSTER (Virtual) Aplicación Del Método Point Estimation Para El Cálculo De Flujo De Carga Probabilístico En La Red De Transmisión Uruguaya
1570651125 POSTER (Virtual) Characteristics of High Impedance Faults in Overhead Distribution Networks in Bamboo Branches
1570651136 POSTER (Virtual) Generation of Wind Energy with Kites: a Review of the Airborne Wind Energy Technology
1570651265 POSTER (Virtual) Current Transformer Model Validation on EMTP-ATP Software
1570651288 POSTER (Virtual) Voltage Regulation of Active Distribution Networks Considering Dynamic Control Zones
1570651295 POSTER (Virtual) Demand Response Program for Supercomputing and Datacenters Providing Ancillary Services in the Electricity Market
1570651299 POSTER (Virtual) Short-term Dispatch of Renewable Sources Considering Minimization of Active Losses and Generation Costs
1570651301 POSTER (Virtual) A Microgrid Islanding Performance Study Considering Time Delay in Island Detection
1570651306 POSTER (Virtual) Hardware in the Loop Design and Testing of a PMU-Based Special Protection Scheme: Case Study of Colombia-Ecuador Interconnection
1570651309 POSTER (Virtual) Computational Modeling of Excitation Systems in ATPDraw
1570651311 POSTER (Virtual) Hourly Model of a Combined Cycle Power Plant for SimSEE
1570651314 POSTER (Virtual) Simulation Tutorial in ATPdraw Software -IEEE 4 Nodes Test Feeder - Part 1
1570651324 POSTER (Virtual) Comparison Between Black Start and Islanding Process for the Establishment of a Rural Microgrid with Biogas Generator
1570651331 POSTER (Virtual) Introduction of Ensemble Based Forecasts to the Electricity Dispatch Simulator SimSEE
1570651334 POSTER (Virtual) An Evaluation of the Actual Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure in Uruguay and Possible Designing Approaches
1570651340 POSTER (Virtual) Analysis of Loss Measurements on Distribution Networks Using Relaying Equipment
1570651347 POSTER (Virtual) Control Possibilities for Community Microgrids Considering Small Production Processes and Its Benefits to the Whole System
1570651368 POSTER (Virtual) Technical and Economic Feasibility of a PV Charging Station for E-bikes Considering a Lead-Acid Battery Degradation Model
1570651380 POSTER (Virtual) Planning Energy Distribution Systems in an Environment That Accelerates the Use of Distributed Energy Resources
1570651392 POSTER (Virtual) Prioritization of Isolated Communities for the Development of Renewable-Energy Projects in Wide Geographical Areas
1570651398 POSTER (Virtual) A Single Busbar Model for Dynamic Studies of Power Systems Frequency
1570651401 POSTER (Virtual) Power Transformers with PCB-Contaminated Mineral Oil: The Natural Ester Fluid as a Replacement Alternative
1570651600 POSTER (Virtual) Risk Mitigation Approaches for Improved Resilience in Distribution Networks
1570651610 POSTER (Virtual) Energy Autonomy of Electric Vehicles in Topologically Irregular Cities: Case Study Cuenca - Ecuador
1570651767 POSTER (Virtual) Análise Técnica e Simulação Econômica Para Aplicações De Sistemas De Armazenamento De Energia Com Baterias Nos Sistemas Elétricos De Potência