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Notification of Acceptance: August 15, 2020
Reception of papers until May 30, 2020 Final version of papers: September 15, 2020

Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished work, in the form of a complete 4 to 6 pages paper for peer-review (use IEEE A4 or PES pg4 template) to the EDAS website. At least one of the authors of an accepted paper must register and physically attend the Conference for its oral/poster presentation as a condition to be included in the Proceedings. Accepted and presented papers in ENGLISH, will be submitted to IEEE Xplore® Digital Library.


Opening Session: "The Electric Utility of the Future"

Opening Session: "The Electric Utility of the Future"

Speaker: Frank C. Lambert, IEEE PES President 2020

KEYNOTES for the Conference: Sep 29 & 30, Oct 1

KEYNOTE K1: "Voltage Stability Support by Wind Farms"

Speaker: IEEE Fellow Dr. Engineer Constantine Costas Vournas, Chairman of the PES Power Systems Dynamic Performance Committee

KEYNOTE K2: “US Utility Experiences on Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Energy Storage”

Speaker: Babak Enayati

KEYNOTE K3: "The return of the Jedi: parallel processing revisited with GPUs in power system computation"

Speaker: Dr. Ing. Vladimiro Miranda

KEYNOTE K4: "Cybersecurity of the Grid – Intrusion Detection in IEC 61850 Based Peer-to-Peer Communications”

Speaker: Dr. Alexander Apostolov, OMICRON electronics, USA

KEYNOTE K5: "Scientific advice for the Uruguayan response to the COVID-19 pandemic"

Dr. Ing. Fernando Paganini, IEEE UY Fellow Member

TUTORIALS for the Conference: Monday Sep 28

TUTORIAL T1: “Energy Storage”

Speaker: David Elizondo, PhD, Vice President, Global Business Development & International Operations, QUANTA TECHNOLOGY.

TUTORIAL T2: “Optimal Dispatch of High-Penetration Renewable Energy Integrated Power System”

Speakers: Ruben Chaer/ Manager of Technical and National Load Dispatch - ADME and the developer team.

TUTORIAL T3: “Importance of Partial Discharge Measurement in Electromechanical Assets”

Speaker: Ing. Jorge Fernandez Daher, Director CIEA, President of the Power and Energy Chapter, IEEE PES Uruguay

TUTORIAL T4: “Internet of things, Models, Protocols and Platforms”

Speaker: Ing. Gustavo Giannattasio, MBA, PMP Senior Member de IEEE, , IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society, Member of the Board. IoT Standardization committee. Smart Cities initiative P2784 editorial team.

TUTORIAL T5: “Introduction to Blockchain”

Speaker: Ing. Ignacio Varese. Co-founder de BlockFashion y Co-founder Uruguay Blockchain Summit UY

TUTORIAL T6: “Transformers for HVDC”

Speaker: Ing. Alvaro Portillo Laurino, Independent Consultant in Transformers

TUTORIAL : “Risk Assessment in Active Distribution Network Planning”

Speaker: Dr. Ing. Mauricio E. Samper, PhD in Electrical Engineering, Senior Member IEEE.


INDUSTRY PANEL 1: "When things goes Wrong: Large Disturbances and Black Start"

Hugo F. Perez is a Reliability professional with 20 years of experience in regulatory matters and Bulk Electric System maintenance, planning and operations.

INDUSTRY PANEL 1: "When things goes Wrong: Large Disturbances and Black Start"

Esteban Nizovoy holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Buenos Aires University, Argentina. He is a specialist in power systems, with 11 years of experience in power systems simulations.

INDUSTRY PANEL 2: "Avances en Redes Inteligente (Smart Grids) en UTE-Uruguay"

SPEAKER: Ing. Eduardo Bergerie Pagadoy. Director del Proyecto de Redes Inteligentes de UTE, Uruguay


The IEEE PES ISGT 2021 Latin America will be a virtual event

MESSAGE to registered attendees and registeres authors:

Friday 25 september, afternoon, will receive by e-mail, the streaming server link, to enter the Sep 28, and Sep 29, 30, Oct 1 online live events

Virtual Room - Montevideo, Uruguay 29/9 to 1/10

Important Message from the Organizing Committee

The conference is proceeding as announced and will be held in Montevideo, Uruguay from September 29 to October 1. Due to the current situation, COVID-19 pandemic, the conference will be full virtual (online streaming internet event).

The IEEE Power & Energy Society has developed an alternate way for Accepted conference papers to be presented and then posted to IEEE Xplore, as one author is registered to attend the conference, and present their paper in Virtual Oral or Virtual Poster way.

We look forward to have you at the 2020 IEEE Power & Energy Society T&D – Latin America.

Under the "Convenio ANII-IEEE" this conference can support participant costs for young uruguayan investigators and IEEE students. Send an e-mail detailing academic and volunteering merits and qualifications to Our thanks to ANII and private donors. Marcel Keschner and Juan Carlos Miguez