All accepted papers require a video presentation that will be shown in the virtual conference SEP 29, 30, OCT 1. Additionally, poster requires a .png file with a design like an usual poster.


  • Video files must be in .MP4 format.

  • Text must be in English, clearly readable.

  • It is recommended to include a thumbnail view of the presenter in the video, recorded with a webcam.

  • Speech should be in English. Make sure your voice is clearly audible and that there's no background noise or interference.

  • Can be produced by audio over Power Point, or any other program such as Zoom/Meet/Webex.

PowerPoint allows to record audio voiceover on your slides and export the presentation as an mp4 video. To record your cursor in the presentation, make sure to set it as “laser pointer”.

Only PowerPoint 2019 and PowerPoint 365 have the option to record webcam video in the presentation. You can also use other software (i.e. OBS Studio) to record webcam video together with the slides.

When recording from a laptop, it is recommended to use an external microphone instead of the built-in one, to avoid recording fan noise and keystrokes.

Some requirements are different for Oral or Poster presentations:


Oral presentations

  • The video must not exceed 15 minutes, strictly.

  • Please, use the provided IEEE PES .pptx template for your slides;

  • The first slide shown in the video must be a cover slide with the title of the paper and the names of the authors. Introduce yourself while showing this slide.

  • Upload the .MP4 file to your EDAS paper account as PRESENTATION (200 Mbytes max.)


Poster video presentations

It is also required to upload a .MP4 video presentation explaining poster content by voice

  • The video must not exceed 5 minutes, strictly. (File size 200 Mbytes max.)

  • You can work on your own .pptx design, 1-page to 5-pages.



Additionally, poster authors have to print a .png file with a design like an usual poster (horizontal shape). It must have high resolution. One option is to use PowerPoint as follows:

open a new file, and go to options:

-Design (Diseño)

-Slide size (Tamaño de la diapositiva)

-Customize slide size (Personalizar tamaño de la diapositiva)

-31.5” x 19” (80 cm x 48 cm)

-When saving, choose PNG format.



Upload all files to your EDAS paper account as PRESENTATION

Instructions to upload the presentation files, are similar to Final Paper upload.

Check Presentation is Ready

You must check the files are properly uploaded in My Papers in EDAS as PRESENTATIONS.

  • Oral Presentation …. One .mp4 file

  • Poster Presentation … 2 files, one .mp4 file, one .png

Papers with no presentation loaded after Sep 15, will be No-Show status, and will not be in IEEE Xplore.